Day one of the rest of his life

Today is the day, his time has finally come.  We’ve been waiting for what feels like an eternity but today, it’s our turn, our delivery is finally here and holding this box of pills in our hands after all the campaigning, protesting and hard work by so many beautiful people in our CF family, I am so overwhelmed and beyond grateful, words cannot express how I feel right now.

The best delivery ever!

In the early days after Chester’s diagnosis I couldn’t bear to think about the future, it was too hard to look past the moment, because the future felt so uncertain and I couldn’t bear to think about existing in a world without Chester.  I spent much of my time grieving for a life and a future that we weren’t sure we would ever have. 

But this box, sat on my coffee table in front of me, contains so much more than just pills.  It’s filled with promises and hope, promises for more time and the chance of a normal life. 

I am excited for Chester to finally feel what it’s like to be able to breathe, actually inhale a deep breath that will fill his once logged lungs, for him to experience the ability to laugh without coughing or to walk up the stairs without stopping to take a seat whilst gasping for breath. 

This tolerant, kind hearted and beautiful little boy deserves this, he’s been through so much, he’s the strongest person I know.  

I can finally look to the future without fear, to Chester’s future and it looks so bright.

It’s your turn Chester, I’m so very excited for you.