It’s all about the memory making.

We often hear people say that Life is too short, and sadly where cystic fibrosis is concerned its often very true.

When you have a child with an uncertain life expectancy it certainly changes your outlook on life and makes you realise what is important.

Following Chester’s diagnosis and all uncertainty it bought, I took a long look at my life and came to the conclusion that things I had deemed important to me were really quite trivial and that my priorities had to change.

I realised my life had become too much about having nice things and luxury possessions, don’t get me wrong I adore my mulberry handbag collection, I mean who doesn’t love a Mulberry and I do like to keep a nice house (well until I had kids) but in the grand scheme of life they are far from important.

My focus shifted from “possessions” to making sure above all else my children have the best lives possible and grow up having amazing memories from their childhood.

By this I do not mean throwing money around and buying expensive toys or going out for meals in expensive restaurants. Let’s face it who’s child ever talks about that nice meal they went for or that really expensive duvet set you bought them. Not mine that’s for sure.

The things they usually remember are the things that cost nothing at all other than the most important currency; time. Taking them on walks, enjoying sausages cooked on a disposable BBQ by the sea, bike rides and picnics along the canal these are the things my kids remember.


I love planning my breaks and days out, nothing beats the excitement of going somewhere new, exploring different places and seeing my boys faces whilst they experience new things. This is probably what has made me such a lover of travelling.

Being outside and experiencing nature, skimming stones or in Chester’s case just launching them into the lake, playing hide and seek, climbing trees, all basic things that they enjoy so much are the things I now focus on.


Hearing my son say things like “Wow what a view” or “This place is beautiful” is absolutely priceless, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing that at his young age in the world he’s growing up in he can appreciate the beauty around him and I’m content I am raising a kind human.

I have been fortunate enough to be entrusted with raising two beautiful humans, don’t get me wrong that is certainly not always easy but making memories for my boys is the most important job I have, and I won’t lie, I’m having the time of my life helping make those wonderful memories.

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