Not letting CF win!

There are days when I want to wrap my beautiful little fella up in a big bubble and keep him out of harms way, keep him away from nasty bugs that want to do him harm and away from other people who could make him sick.

Days when staying inside, shutting the curtains and avoiding the world seem like the perfect option, but to do so would mean letting CF win.

Instead what I do is stick up my middle finger and shout out a big f@&k you to CF.

I book that holiday and we take that trip. We climb those mountains and swim in the sea. We play in the snow and we lay in the sun. We try new things and gain new experiences.


We shouldn’t just stop because of CF, we may need to take extra time to think about it, to organise it and learn to feel happy with doing it, but we should almost certainly go for it.

Own CF and give it a run for it’s money! Show CF it picked the wrong child, remind CF who is in charge and remember you have totally got this!

I live by those rules as as such I am showing my boys the world and I’m helping make amazing memories that CF can’t touch.

I’m teaching them that no matter how rubbish the hand that has been dealt is, life is for living and for learning, I’m teaching them strength and determination and above all else I’m teaching them to live without limits.

I am not letting CF win!

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