To the strong women everywhere on International Women’s day

Today is International Women’s Day, a day to show respect and celebrate the amazing achievements of our fellow females.

A day to give a high five to all the strong women in your lives. Mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and not forgetting the little girls we are raising to one day become strong women.

A day to thank those strong women who despite persecution stood up for their beliefs, who have fought for the rights of others, for equality and for political and human rights.

To think about those strong women whose battles we can never really comprehend, the women who live everyday across the world in poverty, the women who fight everyday for survival and for the survival of their children, the women that live in fear and the women who sacrifice all for those around them.

To celebrate the strong independent women who are raising their children alone, and to those who selflessly for whatever reason find themselves raising other women’s children.

A day to pause and think about the strong women who are fighting for their lives battling illness or the women caring for others who are fighting.

A time to reflect on great women of the past as well as the present, the military women who sacrifice time with their families for their country and those that in their service made the ultimate sacrifice.

A day to think about the future and educating the next generation of strong independent women so they too can go and achieve great things.

Never forget we are where we are now because women before us fought hard for us to have those rights.

Remember we are strong, help to raise the women around you up instead of knocking them down, tell the strong women in your life they are great and remember, even when it doesn’t feel like it; we are always stronger than we give ourselves credit for!


1 thought on “To the strong women everywhere on International Women’s day”

  1. Hi Emma remember me ? Marjie Johnson? I saw your photo o FB via your sister Claire..
    I love reading your blog and am so proud of the woman you have become.
    You are a strong confident young woman and coping miraculously with the cards life had dealt you! Keep embracing the suck m’darlin you are awesome. 😘👍


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