CF parenting fails

No one said parenting was easy, we all make mistakes and I would be lying if I said otherwise.

Having CF in the family just means there are a few more opportunities to have parenting failures.

My most common one is forgetting I have undone the bottle top on the flucloxacillin, resulting in the complete redecoration of my kitchen in a less than subtle shade of hot pink when I stupidly shake the bottle. Remnants of the sticky, smelly, sugary mess are there for all to see clashing with the carefully selected shade of plum I chose to decorate with.

Hot pink!

Stocking up with my CFers favourite yoghurt because he is refusing to eat, he looks a little on the skinny side and the yoghurt is half price (bargain), then finding out when I get home I picked up fat free. Β This can only be compared in the adult world to picking up a bargain bottle of wine only to find out its got no alcohol in it and was really just an expensive grape juice.

Going out for the day and forgetting to pack the creon. Then spending hours hunting for fat free food and snacks so I can feed my child without giving him sore guts and risking being up to my elbows in poo. Β Is it wrong to feed your child ice-lollies and jelly all day?

Popping to the supermarket for milk without the nappy bag because I know I’ll only be a few minutes but then arriving and loading my child into the trolley and realising too late that my child’s creon dose may not have been quite right resulting in a ‘poonami’ that his clothes can’t contain.

My most common fail is knocking over the contents of a new pot of creon micro, resulting in creon sticking to our bare feet for weeks. Those little suckers are great at avoiding the hoover and they seem to get everywhere!

They get everywhere!


Changing my little ones soaking nappy when arriving at the hospital for CF clinic forgetting he will need to be weighed first, those extra grams of urine soaked gel added to the McDonalds he ate on the way in could have made all the difference.

And finally Kissing my child’s sweaty head with cracked lips and feeling that salty sting! No matter how bad the sting I know it’s completely worth it!

But really, who cares if we make mistakes, who cares if somedays we aren’t on form, if we don’t get it right, we are but mere humans and unlike our CFers we do not have superpowers.

11 thoughts on “CF parenting fails”

  1. Emma you are an amazing mum to 2 gorgeous boys. We all make mistakes. I’ve made plenty. Keep up the good work. Xx


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